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                      Contact Us
                      Add:Chinese Yi county of Hebei Nanzhuo Chuang
                      tel:(0086 312)8808815 8808816 8808817 8806066
                      fax:(0086 312)8808599

                      Your Present Position:Home Page--Product

                      Item No.:VNS-1805SSNWHS Wooden-vein Sandstone Cement Culture Stone
                      重量:About 88KG/M2
                      包裝:3PCS./BOX 48BOXES/CRATE
                      出廠價格:¥178/M2 FOB天津港價:($37/M2)

                      Packing Instruction
                      The culture stone is processed product of natural slate, keeping the natural veins and color.Our culture stone is widely use for the decoration of interior/exterior walls of house, villas and other buildings. The use of culture stone makes the building unique and have the sense of nature.And the cement culture stone is easy to be installed.
                      Illustration of the Testing Data of the Product

                      • Front View
                      • Local View
                      • Side View
                      • Vertical view
                      • Back View
                      Finished Projects

                      Copyright:Longshan Stone Material(Group) Ltd Company  Ji prepared ICP No. 05008508 Address: China Hebei Yixian Tel:(0086 312) 8808815 8808816 8808817 8806066 Fax:(0086 312)8808599 Contact::tao zhenchuan 冀ICP備18038090-1號       http://www.beian.miit.gov.cn